April 29, 2016 Joe Newlin

60-SECOND DIGITAL MEDIA HACK #3: Three Bites of the Apple

Three Bites of the Apple[image: stock photo of young woman smiling holding an apple]

NOTE: I usually find introductions to be annoying, so rather than explaining the title here, I’m putting this post’s intro at the end.

Any time you or your organization do any thing at all, any time, you get three bites of the apple on social media.

Post #1:

We’re going to to this cool thing and it’s going to be really cool. Here’s a photo of us getting ready, excitedly (or resolutely, or whatever, as appropriate).

Post #2:

This is happening now. It’s beautiful. Just look at it.

Post #3:

That thing we did? Amazing. Thanks so much to all of you who made it happen. You rock so hard!

The underlying principle is that on social media, more is more.* Some people will say, “don’t post more than X times per day on Snapface,” or something like that. They are lost in fear and chaos. It’s okay. Reach out to them and tell them it’s okay to post as often as you have something to post. I mean, space things out a bit, but still…



Why “three bites of the apple?” It doesn’t really matter. You’re at the end of the post, anyway. Tweet at me if you want to talk about it.