February 26, 2016 Joe Newlin

We like this grassroots campaign website we developed.

[IMAGE] Hero image from www.peopleforbernie.com

Website banner for www.peopleforbernie.com. Credit: The People for Bernie Sanders.

Note: originally published on LinkedIn.

We like this campaign website we made for The People for Bernie Sanders. Here’s a little bit of the story behind it.

 First, some credit

The digital media monsters at People for Bernie created the header graphic, along with our team member Zelda Lin.

Second, The People for Bernie Sanders is a network of volunteers not affiliated with the official campaign. You might know  them as the collective of Facebook and Twitter accounts that are basically running the internet right now.

Now, to the site itself

Our friends wanted something with a DIY aesthetic. My mind first went to “homemade”-looking sites, a la the 1990s. Kind of like this. It took about two seconds to realize that was wrong.

But a campaign website that looked too “professional” and stuffy wouldn’t cut it, either. So we (*cough* Zelda) created a design that borrowed elements of the actual did-it-yourself cultural artifacts of Occupy and other contemporary movements. We made heavy use of the kind of slanted lines you’d see on hand-cut, hand-lettered signs, the kind that this guy might make:

[image] Occupy Wall Street Protester with hand-made sign, reading "SHIT IS FUCKED UP AND BULLSHIT," a la the style of the campaign website.

Of course, the site’s use of the Occupy font is a key element of that look and feel.

The email signup call-to-action is front and center because the campaign website needs to be a communication and organizing tool, not a passive, inert plot of real estate on the internet.

And then you hit the social wall.

People for Bernie *is* the non-stop currents of social sharing across multiple channels, 24/7. They’re like the day traders of democracy. So we just had to put the lifeblood of the movement front and center.


It was a fun project, and we’re proud to have contributed something to the massive grassroots movement for people power. A technical note: the campaign website was built on the NationBuilder platform, which we know very well.

Go check it out, and sign up. See you on the internets.